KIEE 88.3 FM Underwriting
KIEE 88.3 FM Radio is the best advertising medium in the South Central Louisiana area. Our rates are reasonable, competitive, and we reach almost 423,000 pairs of ears in the area. KIEE 88.3 FM is also received in quite a number of our neighboring cities, for example, Lafayette, New Iberia, Abbeville, Duson, and Opelousas. No other underwriting medium can compare with the effective sales power and reach of KIEE 88.3 FM.

What content may I have in my underwriting announcement?
KIEE 88.3 FM is committed to creating high quality, professional-sounding announcements. Our underwriting team will work with you to maximize your message within the parameters set by the Federal Communication Commissions (see FCC underwriting guidelines here). We are confident that you will be satisfied with our representation of your business or organization. To receive a complete Underwriting Packet or for information on pricing, contracts, and other aspects of KIEE 88.3 FM sponsorship, please contact one of our Account Executives at (337) 232-9206 or (337) 534-0036.

The following are sample underwriting announcements:
“Today’s programming is brought to you by The Paramount Theater, featuring The Nels Cline Singers June 6, with the Wileo lead guitarist’s free-jazz instrumental trio performing lyric, experimental, and rock-based music. More information is available at:
(434) 979-1333 or”
“Support for this program is provided in part by Panera Bread. Panera has grilled breakfast sandwiches every morning. Soups, salads, and panini sandwiches all day long. And bread baked by bakers every day.
“Tell us a Tell” is supported in part by Alakazam Toys & Gifts. Alakazam is located at 100 E. Main St. on the Downtown Mall. Open 7 days a week, the number for more information is (434) 971-1717.”

The political underwriting statement, with no revisions available, is as follows:
This program is being sponsored by *name* for *position* of *place*. He/She is number *#* on the ballot. *Name* is another proud sponsor of KIEE 88.3 FM.

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